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Cars of Malayalam actresses -Malayalam actresse's cars.

Cars of Malayalam actresses

The Car of Ananya.

Ananya knows driving. But in the journeys she used to take her driver along with the car.  Her seat will be always in the front.

Ananya is using a white Honda city now.  Her earlier car was a white ambassoder owned by her father.  The honda city was bought after her coming in film field.  She also likes white colour for the cars.

She likes SUVs.  She likes to buy an Innova.

 The car of Rima Kallingal

The bold and beautiful of Malayalam film Ms. Rima likes cars very much.  She is an expert driver.   She occasionally drives car from her house at Thrissur to Kochi.  She got a valid driving license in the year of 18.  ABC of driving was in the bicycle of her brother.  The first owned  vehicle  of her was Honda dio.Car driving  classes was in the   Maruthi WagenR of her brother.  Now she is using silver fiat linea. She uses Innova for the journey to  sets and locations.  Dream vehicles are- Audi R 8, BMW X 6 etc.

 The car of Bhavana- Malayalam actress

She went to  driving school.  But driving on the half way.  Now she knows all about the cars and it prices and variants. Her brother taught all about the cars.  The first car was  Ford Icon.  Then she changed the car to Toyota Corolla. Now the car using is Toyota Corola.  She also likes Innova.   The dream cars are- Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar etc.   She also like the SUVs.

The car of Bhama

Studied driving in a Maruthi.  The first car she bought was  a Honda City, The colour was white.  She bought this with consultation with Lohidadas.  She used the Honda city for 2 years and changed the car to Innova.  This car was also suggested by Lohidadas.  Now driving is some what OK.  She likes the Toyota Fortuner.  Dream car is Audi- Q7.

 The Car of  Meera Nandan

The first car reached to her was Maruti 800, Next omni , then Santro. After that Fiat Palio.  Now she is using a car Hyundai Verna.  She like the Innova and she informed that whenever she buys a next car it will be Innova.

The Car of Priya Mani.

She is very much conversant with cars.  The car now using is Volkswagen Jetta, She is having other cars too one is Mahindra Xylo and the other Tata indica.  She is an expert driver.  The next car she would buy will be  Audi A4.  She likes Hummer also.

 The Car of  Dhanya Mary Varghese

At the age of 18 she got the driving licence. Usually she drives car alone  to the locations.  She likes scooter also very much.  The school journey was on the cycle.  Therefore she studied 2 wheeler driving alone.  The first owned car was Santro.  Now she also using Opel corsa.   She likes SUVs.  Innova will be the next car.

.The car of Muktha

Now Muktha is learning driving.  She is using Ford Fiasta Now.  The next car would be Innova.  She also likes SUVs.   She also interested in Mahindra Scorpio.  The dream car is BMW latest editions.

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