Monday, January 2, 2012

One more Rolls Royce in Kerala- The Rolls Royce Ghost of Dr. GPC Nair.

One more Rolls Royce in Kerala, Rolls Royce Ghost in the roads of Kochi in Kerala, The second Rolls Royce in Kerala owned by G PC Nair chairman SCMS group of educational institutions.

Another Malayali has bought a beauty on wheel the Rolls Royce Ghost in Kochi.  This is the second Rolls Royce car in Kerala.  Dr. GPC Nair the Chairman of SCMS group of educational institutions  bought the Rolls Royce Ghost EWB for Rs. 4.7 Crores.   The dark indigo coloured Rolls Royce Ghost was brought from UK last week.  “ I am happy to be the owner of a Rolls Royce” said Dr. Nayar.  He also paid Rs. 24,39,600/- as road tax for 15 years to the department.     He also paid the Insurance ipremium of Rs.3,15,960/- for one year.    This Ghost is 20.5 Feet long. 
Dr. Nayar is not the first person to own a Rolls Royce Ghost in Kerala.  Business Tycoon Ravi Pillai owns three Ghost, among which one runs on Kerala Roads, the other two Rolls Royce ghosts are in Dubai and in Mumbai.

Technical specification of Rolls Royce Ghost of Dr. GPC Nair.

Vehicle Length
 5569 mm
Wheel Base
 3465 mm
 1948 mm
  1550 mm
   2420 Kg.
 Twin Turbo 6.6 Ltr V-12 Petrol

Max. Torque@ engine speed- 780 nm/575 lbf@ 1500 RPM
Max. Speed
250 Km/Hr.
0-100 Km/Hr   - 5.1 Seconds.
Mileage offered by Co.


  1. Dr.Somaprasad Alleppy owned first Rolls Royce -Ghost in Kerala, who possessed it by the end of 2010.
    Most recently HH Marthanda Varma Raja added a Rolls Royce -Phantom to his collection of royal cars.
    That means a total of 4 RR running on Kerala roads now!!

  2. Now with Joy Alukkas takes possession of a new RR Ghost, total cars stands 5 on Kerala roads

  3. KL 46 D 1 registered in June 2010 is a Rolls Royce owned by M A Yousef Ali

  4. KL-01-BD-999, KL-01-BD-1818 and I have seen a few more in trivandrum itself. There should be atleast 8 - 10 in kerala roads

  5. These people could have used this money for any social service...

  6. If not the full amount for social service, at least a part could have been used!

  7. they r doing much do u contribute from ur income? answer it urself.

  8. Dear they are contributing to charity in one way or other. It ia an Irrelavant statement that they could have contributed this for charity. We all have that ambition of owning a super Luxury brand Car. they reached this position through tremendous hardwork and worth owning one.

  9. KL 01 BV 777... Anyone know whose rolls Royce is this?


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