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First Receipient of TATA NANO
                                                  Mr. Asok Raghunath receives key from Ratan Tata.

Nano diesel by September Tata Nano with a diesel engine will be rolled out in August or September, vendor sources said.
The diesel Nano could be crucial to the turnaround of the Nano brand which has taken a beating in the recent months due to poor sales, price increase and some safety concerns."The diesel engine will be in the 600-700 cc range like the petrol version and could be priced at a slight premium over the current variants," said the vendor source. Component makers expect the diesel Nano to sport a price tag between Rs 1.8-2.2 lakh. Tata Motors spokesperson refused to comment.


Tata Nano in Nepal: 352 Cars booked within 10 days of launch
Three hundred fifty two Tata Nano cars have been booked within ten days of its launch here at Kathmandu.
Nepal is the second  market abroad after Sri Lanka where Nano is being sold.
Nano standard which cost NRs 7.98 lakh or Rs 5 lakh in Indian currency, is the cheapest car so far offered to Nepalese customers.
However, only 45 percent of the customers here favoured Tata Nano standard while 55 percent favoured Tata LX (higher cost with more facilities) and Nano CX (moderately high cost) cars, according to Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd, the authorized distributor of Tata Nano in Nepal.

The key to happiness TATA NANO, TATA NANO The key to happiness.
Reason to buy a TATA NANO
1.     The warranty of the car is 4 years or up to 60,000 KMs. This is without any additional payment.
2.     Tata motors provide special rate for financing Tata Nano, This include up to 100% finance within 48 Hrs.
3.     Exchange offer for your two wheeler/car
4.     Win a prize for every test drive
5.     Festival bonus up to Rs.15,000/-
6.     Attractive EMI  below  Rs 3000/-
7.     Highest mileage in the sector
8.     Strongest and cheapest car in the segment.

Especially about TATA NANO

Sales of the Tata Nano covered 10,000 units per month from the month of April 2011. This shows 184 % increase in he sales  with respect to the sales of last year.  Total sales of Nano is 1,10,794  units up to April 2011.  Even though the company started pre booking of Nano from July 2009 they started sales only from 2000 August.  Now Nano can be bought from the showrooms all over India such as 254 Dealers ,619 permanent Sales outlet and special Nano access point of 210.  The facility for test driving  and even test ride for those who does not know driving are provided in each places.  Nano  is also available in the 151 service Centres.  Reports says that the customers of Tata Nano are satisfied or more satisfied with the car.  This is because the car is having enough space, better efficiency, Better mileage, security etc.   Reports says that some traveled with Tata Nano to the top most motorable road at Khardumgha  without any problem. 


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