Thursday, December 22, 2011

RYNO- One wheel Electric vehicle exhibited.

Portland based Ryno motors exhibited their one wheel Electric Vehicle in a show in Portland
Portland police will soon be cruising community festivals on a single wheel, following a deal with Ryno Motors to lease the company's one-wheeled electric vehicle beginning next summer.

The bureau will lease two micro-cycles for one year, said Christopher Hoffmann, CEO of Portland-based Ryno.
This vehicle will run 48 Kms in a single electric charge. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 40 Km Per hour.   The weight of the vehicle is 57 Kg including the Lithium Battery. . 

A former operations manager at a company that designed headsets for firefighters, Hoffmann said he understands the extent to which a good review in the tight-knit community of first responders could advertise the product.
So far, officers who have tried the micro-cycle like it for several reasons, he said. “The most important thing for them is that when you stop, you put your feet down,” he said.
“They really feel like you can run out of this easy,” he said, with exit options on three sides and a bar out front that allows a quick tilt forward to park it. Riders are at eye-level in conversation, also a perk for police work in community settings.
Hoffmann said it will take four months to build the micro-cycles for the Portland Police Bureau. They’re likely to hit the streets next spring or summer.

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