Monday, June 20, 2011

Audi launched RS5 in India . Audi RS5 now in India,

Audi launched its best capable RS5 in Delhi on 11-5-2011 And the company is planning to dominate this model  among the segments which is having only a few competitors. The price of the car is 76 lakhs (Ex Showroom Delhi).  This is the super luxury car of audi.  The performance of the car is very fantastic.  The big V8, the modified version of R8 motor with more power is used in the car. The car is capable of achieving 100 Kph within 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 250 Kph.  The car is adapted fo crawling through the traffic and to barrels down in the High way.  Acceleration is mind boggling  .  Nail and throttle pedal on a deserted road and the gentle warble at low rev turns into a deep- throated V8 growl.  Move the gear lever across to manual mode and you can control the shifts via steering mounted paddle shifters. 

It is having electro-magnetically controlled dampers that can be set to comfort, auto or dynamic modes.  What is reassuring is that the softest setting, the RS5 rides quite well, even on its very low profile 265/35-ZR19 tyres.  The RS5’s ability to cover long distance very quickly and without tiring the passengers that make it so suitable for India.   The quick steering, sharp throttle response, and massive grip from the Quattro system  give the big and heavy RS5 astonishing ability.  Cabin quality is top-notch and you will find a familiar environment  with the MMI system and all the functionality of a regular Audi.  The front seats are supremely  comfortable  and supportive. The combination of luxury  and practicability is Audi RS5’s trumpet card..
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