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HONDA BRIO- The Small car from Honda- coming soon in INDIA

Honda has a worldwide repute of producing glorious tiny ability engines that will substantially endure a motorist and a automobile combined. These arguable engines have seen Honda attain in countries opposite a world, garnering honour from a business and others likewise. However, Honda’s been dauntless adequate to take on a Indian small-car shred with a launch of a new Honda Brio. Does a automobile have what it takes to quarrel it out? Let’s find out.

What’s transparent immediately is that Honda has selected to give copiousness of priority to a front seats of this car, and back chair and foot space have been compromised a bit. What’s also transparent is a aggressive, tipped-forward position of a automobile and Honda’s really parsimonious and complicated skinning. The vast warrior aircraft-like feign atmosphere intakes underneath a headlights give a pattern copiousness of aggression, and a Brio has kindly flared circle arches as well. What’s also good is that a low window line gives good all-round prominence from a front seats.

Honda’s preference to place a lot of importance on how a Brio drives is also transparent once we are on a move. The 1198cc four-cylinder engine is a same shining engine that powers Honda’s incomparable Jazz in India, and a 90bhp feels really lively. It would, for this automobile weighs approximately 70kg reduction than a incomparable Jazz and that means a Brio binds a poignant advantage as distant as a power-to-weight ratio is concerned. Sure, we still do confront a somewhat diseased bottom finish on occasion, yet swapping gears around a light purchase and discerning gearbox shortly gets absolved of this slight problem. The tip end, however, feels zingy and effervescent, and, as a result, punting this tiny automobile around can be utterly fun during times. It’s also polished and well-spoken and we can design class-leading potency from a Honda as good (the Jazz is already a many fuel fit petrol induce in India). There is a CVT chronicle on offer in Thailand as well, yet it is not transparent if Honda will sell this chronicle in India.

The Brio’s electrically practiced steering is really light and this is ideal for city traffic. You can literally expostulate a automobile with usually a crack of a wrist, that creates cross-town journeys reduction stressful.

More eager drivers yet are certain to be a tiny unhappy with a somewhat deceptive feel and a miss of communication with a road.

Ride quality

Also somewhat unsatisfactory is a float quality. Like many Hondas, it feels a bit lumpy over bad roads and a good infancy of highway imperfections filter into a cabin. However, a float peculiarity improves as we go faster and a Brio also feels sufficient fast during highway speeds. Despite a light steering, a Brio also possesses good reason in corners and feels easy to control. And a brakes have a good pedal movement and interlude energy as well. It’s also protected to contend that Honda has finished a good pursuit of excellence and outmost sound suppression.

The Brio is utterly good for a automobile in this category and this creates a Honda a surprisingly relaxing automobile to drive. In fact, a Brio drives in a really identical conform as a Jazz; it’s usually that a twin cars differ when it comes to a distance of their cabins.

Glance during a spec piece and you’ll note that a Brio has a shorter wheelbase length than a Jazz by 150mm. In annoy of that, a Brio can still chair 4 six-footers in decent comfort and this is down to a car’s crafty packaging. Honda has commissioned seats with skinny backrests, a scooped-out glove box allows a newcomer a bit some-more legroom and a door pads used are really minimalistic as well, agreeable copiousness of additional space in a process.

Cost slicing however is evident. The seats have no tractable headrest, usually a mirror back potion is used instead of a dear induce and there is no back defogger or wiper.

On a certain side, Thai-spec Brios get twin airbags and anti-lock brakes as customary opposite a range; hopefully, this will be a box in India as well. Despite a ubiquitous cost savings, however, a Brio’s interiors feel well-made. The corpulent steering is good to hold, a hooded dials demeanor appealing and a cosmetic peculiarity is improved than we expect.

The Brio is an unmitigated city car. With a agility, a torquey engine and tiny dimensions, it’s ideal for city traffic. The outward looks good too.

The formidable thing for Honda, however, will be a pricing and gripping a add-on on a prices will be Honda’s biggest challenge.

The Brio was approaching to strike a marketplace in August, yet a new disaster in Japan has pushed that compartment a finish of a year.
Specification and
Price- Rs, 4.5 Lakhs (est) L/W/H3610/1680 1485 mm
Wheel base- 2345 mm
Kerb weight-925-950 Kg
Engine- 4 cyls in-line, 1198cc, Petrol installation front, transverse, front-wheel drive power 90 bhp at
              6000 rpm torque 11.2Kgm at 4800rpm
Gearbox – 5-speed manual/CVT automatic, suspension (f/r). Mac Pherson struts with anti-roll bar/torsion beam.
Tyre- 175/65-R 14
Breaks  (f/r Discs/derums)
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