Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Microbus Bulli- A car like a bus.

This is of Volks Wagen.  We can call this as  the small version of the old Microbus of Vox Wagen introduced in the year of 1950.  The bus at that time but today the super car.  The new Bulli concept is having an enthusiastic style. In the view there is similarities of a bus.  It is having so many facilities which everybody will like.

                This is not an ordinary car run by petrol or diesel but it is electric car by which it can travel 300 Kms in a single charging.  The battery will be fully recharged within an hour.  By sitting in the car we can use internet.  I pad in the centre console is a world of entertainment.  Remember!  Hearing all this you can’t go and by this at once.  In the last Geneva autoshow they have only shown the model concept.  Company has not informed about when it will be available in the market and how much it will cost.  Wait and see.

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