Monday, July 25, 2011

Audi A 6 All new Luxury Saloon

Audi is in the introduction of a new A6 Luxury Saloon.  The new A6 has a lot of Technology- like All wheel Drive system, Air suspension, with new look, fresh interiors and so many standard equipments.
1.       The led head lamp look very attractive and beautiful
2.       Drivers seat can be adjusted
3.       Steering wheel can be adjusted
4.       Cabin is airy and design is very charming
5.       Better head room for back passengers
6.       Better leg room for back passengers
7.       Large boot capacity of 530 Ltrs.

8.       weight – 1720 Kgs.

The engine is impressive with 245 Bhp 3.L diesel, V6 smooth, 51 Kgm torque, 100 Kph in 6.4 Seconds.  Fuel efficiency 9.3 kpl in city and 14.3 kpl on highway. 

Engine size
3.0 D
Rs. 53 Lakh (Estimate
245 bph
0-100 kph
6.39 sec
Top speed
250 Kph
Fuel efficiency
9.3/14.3 kpl-city/h w
20-80 kph in 3rd
4.4 sec.

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