Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buy ? a Petrol or Diesel Car? Think a while. Make a decision wisely.

Recently people are preferring to buy diesel cars than petrol variants.  Instances show that even a customer using up to 400 KMs monthly also plan to buy diesel variant as they don't want to buy the petrol @ Rs. 63.37 (Delhi).  So people are buying diesel version of the car incurring more expenditure of Rs 1 lakh or more.   The reasons behind this may be
1. Higher resale value of diesel cars
2. Diesel car inherently more efficient than petrol motors.
3. Petrol/Diesel prices are not expected to narrow down anymore.
4. The difference in petrol and diesel prices are very huge.
5. Most of the customers expects that the additional expenditure incurred for purchase of diesel will be compensated within 3 years of running.

Therefore think a while- Which variant- Petrol or diesel - which will be profitable.

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