Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4th Generation CR-V From Honda in 2012.- Honda 4th generation CR-V 2012.

The new concept model of CR-V has been prepared by the company in a new platform.  Reports says that there will be more difference between the new concept and the old one.  The changes include
1. New aggressive aerodynamic design
2. 3 lined chrome grill
3. Small and styled Bumper
4. Attractive small head light.
All the above adding/ attachments made the vehicle a sporty look.  
The other notable specialties include -New alloy wheels, Large space, Low floor. 
The details of the engine is not revealed. But it will be sure that the new engine will be more powerful and more fuel efficient.  
The present model are 143 BHP, 161 BHP with 2 L and 2.4 L (Petrol) respectively.  In the new concept diesel model may also come.  Just wait and see.   

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