Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Car accessories available in India- Make use of car assessories to get a princely look to your car.


Car accessories available in India- Make use of car assessories to get a princely look to your car.

  1. RPM Meter. 
      For getting a  better look to the car we have to make  the car a sporty one.  Using
      extra fittings in out and inside the car we make the car the feeling of a sporty
      muscled vehichle. First of all we use Tacchomoeter.  Dial type and digital type
      models are available in the market.  Seven colour dispay digital model or dial up
      type meter also available. This can be fixed in the dash board or in the steering.
      There is LED lights also for giving waring of the speed. 

      Approxiate price-  Dial up         Rs. 5000/-  to   6,000/-
      Digital                                        Rs. 9000/-  to   10,000/-

  1. Bumper Guard
Now a days some of the people are using bumper gauard to their vehicles.  This is used in front and also in the back.  Price will come to around Rs. 750/- to 1000/-.

  1. Fog Lamps.  When  it rains or in the fog this fog lamp can be used for clear vision.  Usually  the halogen bulb of 55 Watts is used for the purpose.  This is usually provided with crystal clear reflectors.  Other models are also available.  Price comes to Rs. 3500/-to 25,000/-.

  1. Perfumes.
Disposible perfumes are now in demand.  This is available in various shapes and in beautiful models .  Some can be fitted in the AC vent.  Price up to Rs. 200/- Other type  can be placed in the dash board Price up to 150/-  Perfumed are also available in round containers and  the same can be placed in the cup holder or any where in the car. Rs. 250/-.

  1. Filler Pen-  For removing small scratches-  Rs. 400/- to 500/-.

  1. Small vacuum cleaner-
12 Volt power, long power cord. This will clean up your car  inside within minutes.  Rs. 750/- 1200/-.  

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