Friday, January 13, 2012

Provide a good sound system in your car.

Every car needs a good sound system.  But if you are a music lover, then taking that extra step to ensure a sound system that works like a dream is an absolute must.  Here are five ways to set up a groovy sound system in your mean machine.

* The source player or head unit should be one that picks up good signals and sends the same without exafferation or degradation.  The best in the field are pioneer P 99 RS Alphine 117 PRO and Pioneer P 80 RS II

* If you are not looking to change the stereo that comes with the car, here's how to embellish it.  Consider investing in the Audioson Bit one, Audison Bit ten or audio control.

* As far as speakers are concerned a set of front staging ideally a pair of components and a subwoofer- are an absolute must, along with amplifiers to power them. Stick to good quality cables and wires to wire them up.

* You can also choose to inegrate any Apple product into your sound system.  Infact you can have a full fledged AV Set up with just an I Pad.

* Satellite channel receivers are also an option worth considering.

Article by Karthik Raj K, Karthik Runs speedfreaks, a one-stop destination for customised audio installation and in-car entertainment.

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