Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Hyhundai i 20 unveiled in India. New i 20.

Hyundai Motors India Limitedn the second biggest car making company in India  has rolled-out All New Hyundai  i20 model.
The new  i20  Variants .  in both petrol and diesel is having  a total of 12 variants. All variants of the Hyundai i20  car model are provided  with improved engine units with higher power and fuel economy
As per the company the new i20 model is manufactured  with a range of innovative and high-tech features, which have been incorporated in the car after the results obtained on extensive surveys  conducted in this field to provide premium facilties  to the customers of this segment.
Passenger security of new Hyundai I 20.   The car looks quite capable of saving passengers both active and passive fronts with advanced features like Multiple airbags, clutch lock, smart pedal system, impact sensing auto door unlocking, speed sensing auto door locking, Reverse Parking Sensors and ABS.
Price range or New Hyundai 120
The  petrol version of the new I 20  car is available in the price range of  Rs 473,400 to Rs 665,894,  and the diesel version is  available  in the price range  of  Rs 596,334 to Rs 744,013.
On the other hand the automatic transmission version of the car carries a price tag of Rs 767,405..
The Engine and power of New Hyundai I 20

The petrol version of the car is powered by a 1.2 Kappa engine (with Dual VTVT technology) which is capable of delivering a peak power of 84 PS.
and diesel variant of the car is equipped  with a hi-tech 1.4 U2 CRDi diesel engine that generate a maximum power of 90 PS with massive torque of 22.4 kg-m.
The diesel version of new  i20 will come incorporated with a 6 speed manual transmission.
There is also a higher powered 1.4L Gamma automatic petrol version which delivers a massive power of 100 PS in combination with a peak torque of 13.9 kg-m.
The new Hyundai  i20 is a highly fuel efficient model which delivers a fuel economy of 18.5 km per liter, 21.9 km per liter and 15 km per liter, in 1.2L petrol, 1.4L diesel and 1.4L petrol version.
The new I 20  is with  High Gloss Front Grille, Rear Spoiler in combination with integrated Stop Lamp, 8-Spoke stylish alloy wheels, Turn Indicators mounted on outside mirrors, small beautiful head lamps. 

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