Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tata Motors Plans to export Left hand drive Nano.

Recently Tata told that Nano is not a poor man,s car.  But Tata  taught us that  an effeicient car can be manufactured in low cost with all facilities.  In the last month also tata has sold 10,000 units  Nano.  Tata is now planning to export Nano to more countries.  Presently they are exporting Nano to Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bengladesh where Right hand drive is experienced. 

Recently Tata Motors has announced that they have started working on the left hand drive option for the Nano for other markets outside India.  By changing the existing option of Right hand drive to left hand they can move to other parts of world like South America, South east Asia and Africa

Tata motors planning to introduce diesel variants and  also Nano with big engine.  

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