Thursday, July 14, 2011

The battle of 800 CC cars begins In India.

When we think about 800 CC Car,   the name itself denote our popular Maruthi 800.  Now Mauthi Alto became the topmost selling car in India, earlier it was Maruthi 800.   Now in India 4 more models of 800 CC are almost ready for unveiling.  These are below the range of 3 Lakh Rupees.  The fuel prize and running cost of car are increasing day by day,  In the cities traffic block are daily routine.  Even though the conditions are so people like to travel in their own cars.  Everybody in these case like to have a fuel efficient, comfortable,  medium range cars.  For their needs now the eminent companies in the sector are planning to enter in the small car segment with their 800 CC cars for their choice.  From the reliable sources it is known that 3 of these model cars are coming in the next year which will be in the range of 3 Lakh Rupees. 

Tata, Hyundai and Chevrolet are the main companies preparing for this  800 CC business  battle. Mauti in the other hand  plan to unveil  a car of good strength and power  like Nano.   More cars are coming in to this segment where Maruti is a star now.

First will the the Hyundai’s 800 CC in this segment.   They have given a code name to the car- H1-100.  It is presumed that this will be introduced during the Deepavvali Season or in the Motor show 2012.  Expected price will be around 3 Lakhs.   Another Car of Tata motors code name Dolphin already finalized and this will stand in between the range of Nano and Indica which is expected to unveil in 2012. 

Maruti coming with a new car of 600 CC.  Name given to the car is servo and the price will be starting from 1.5 Lakh. If this Servo is coming it will have to compete  with the present Nano of Tata motors which has now become very popular in India. When will the car will be unveiled  or what will its price- company is keeping mum on these.
Another one coming is Chevrolet.  It is known that their car will be 800 CC version of their spark with LPG/CNG Model.   But no official report has been received in this matter.  However now there is only one car in 800 CC ie, the star Maruti, below that the Nano.  Please wait and see.     

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