Thursday, July 21, 2011

New VolksWagen Jetta will be launched on August 17th.

Volkswagen Jetta will be launched on August 17.  The Jetta looks is very well designed and looks nice than other generation car of the family.   The new Jetta’s wheel base has also extended by 70 mm so that the rear leg room increased.  Engine option will include the2.L four cylinder diseal.  The 1.4 TSl petrol is also expected.  The cars will be provided with 6 speed manual gear box.  The pricing of the Jetta will be around 16 Lakhs to 18. 
The Jetta will compete in the same category as the new Corolla Altis, the   Chevrolet Cruz the new Renaults Fluence. As most of the auto components for the Jetta are produced at its main mother plant in Puebla Mexico that has lower costs of production compared to its Germany plant, you can expect the Jetta to have competitive pricing.

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