Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diesel Car segment is growing fast in India

BS reported that diesel car segment is growing fast in India on the back of innovations in automotive technology related to the cheaper fuel oil.

Mr Vikas Jain General Motors India director sales told Business Standard that “At present, the diesel car space accounts for over 20% of the market and it will continue to expand very fast.”

He said since that 70% of the Indian car market is dominated by small cars, all the manufacturers were trying to develop their diesel versions.

Earlier, diesel automotives were associated with high emission, engine noise and slow pickup. Mr Jain said that “Modern technology has effectively dealt with these shortcomings, while there is also favorable differential between petrol and diesel prices.”

However, Mr Jain claimed that even if diesel subsidy was removed, the diesel car segment would grow due to superior engine performance. “Not only in India, but the segment has been growing in the European markets as well.”
(Soured from BS)

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