Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ford to develop Diesel cars in India.

With petrol prices spiralling upward, Ford India will largely focus on diesel run cars for future launches. According to Mr Nigel Wark executive director of Ford India, petrol prices are becoming high and this has swung the proportion of cars sold in favour of diesel models.

Mr Wark said Ford India had lined up eight product launches by the middle of the decade. 

He said that "The upcoming products will be mainly on the diesel platform. This has created a lot of stress to manufacture diesel cars.”

Mr Wark said that "This year we will be touching the 100,000 mark.” He added that Ford India was aiming to expand at a faster pace than the industry, which was growing at 17%.

Ford's new small car was contributing to the company's sales in a major way. The company is exporting the Figo to 50 countries.

Clocking a sales figure of 83,000 units in 2010, the company has already crossed sales of 58,000 units so far.

(Sourced from ET)

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